But Why

Sitting tall and handsome, Striking and vain in your Satya Paul tie. With a clink of crystal, Lighthearted chuckle, your woman’s lust seduces the eye.   Not a hair out of place, Trimmed flawless, plucked, combed, and neat. You summon the vegan waitress, With your arrogant wave, she appears at your feet.   Lofty French […]

Never To Be On the Wrong Side Again

In living and loving, on the Wrong Side of life, Causing death, suffering, damnation and strife. Wickedly blinded, I stood there deceived, Innocent blood I let flow, mocking love’s bereaved. Their rights I wronged, ignoring their somber song, With this vile kiss of death, I sang along. Living, laughing, selfishly ignoring, Pains and screams, their […]