Rain A flash A thunderous crash Today I took a subway to work, a veggie sub Targets wear orange, in parallel universes Where the bold fly synchronously betwixt the skulls of conformity stagnant in their hollow shallows (Dream, fire-breathers! Dream!) Bullets sing a high-pitched drone Echoes have none to call their own Baleful words fuel […]


Earth Earth. Our creator, our provider, our mother. Everything we have we owe to her. Everything. Still, I cannot restrain the profound contempt that stirs deep within me for her. Allowing a species existence that shows her nothing but scorn and mockery, for her creatures, for her creations. These humans, mother, these despicable life forms […]


Death. I ask of it nothing. No rebirth. No afterlife. No awareness. No Godly residency. No fiery torments nor sensual pleasures. No yearnings nor needs. Only the peace of absolute nothingness. How glorious then death to forsake the continuation, the damnation of want and suffering. To feel nothing, to know nothing. Having only eternal nonexistence, […]