20,000 Miles

In retaliation to the attacks against vegans in social networks across the globe and in face-to-face confrontations. Vegans. Are we perfect? No. But, we are better than you. Our understanding spans light-years beyond that of the self-absorbed masses. We have respect for life that no religious/spiritual pretense dare compare. A working vision for the future […]


Wacky I’m beside the pond, on the north side beneath the walnut tree, more contemplating than reading. Someday I’ll put a gazebo here in place of this blue plastic chair. Maybe next spring. The place has an emptiness about it, a hollow ring. I suspect it will for some time. I buried Wacky a few […]

Independence Day, The Elite, and It’s What’s For Dinner

In the early days of what grew to be this great and wondrous land of liberty, The United States of America, our founding fathers – God bless their righteous path – found this magnificent nation on a principle. That principle was, as it stands today, the equality of all men. As evidence, I submit the following […]


Farewell Roxie, my girl. My transformation from mental oblivion to conscious vegan began by distancing myself from the horrific world of animal agriculture that was slowly focusing into view. In the first moment I saw the crowding of hens stuffed into battery cages, I swore off eggs, or rather factory farmed eggs. There was no […]