To the vacillating vegan, non-vegan, and other contemplators,

Your objection to veganism isn’t with vegan cuisine. Seventy percent of what you already eat comes from plants. The remaining thirty percent you can fill with vegan meats, fish, and dairy substitutes that are nutritious, delicious, mouth-watering fares that even the most partisan non-vegan would proclaim as absolutely amazing in an honest appraisal.

No, your reaction to veganism is the result of your social conditioning. Attitudes adjust to appease the consensus in all but the most liberated mind.

To be a vegan, you have only not to give a Fuck, with a capital F.

Misdirected fucks for what your family, friends, and other people think of your life’s choices, is an individual’s epic failure, the antithesis of individual freedom. And that’s kind of a big deal.

Had I known then, I’d be playing the violin today. A vegan, anarchist, violinist. Ah, has a rather seductive flair to it; don’t you think, ladies?


  1. Who can claim to be an enlightened soul and a corpse consumer? How many religions claim to offer the meaning of birth. life, and eternity — then join in “Fellowship” by discussing the sermon while eating dead animals? Cheese Lovers for World Peace, anyone? I’ve heard that the Apostles were fishers of men, but not cannibals of course. Well, I recognize no difference between human-flesh eaters and sentient-animal-flesh eaters. What is this difference? Why are you so adamant about that? However, there is an enormous difference between a flesh eater and a plant eater, they are lightyears apart. Why are animals with a failing organ never offered a human organ?

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    1. A valid point, Bill. Nothing is the difference between the two flesh-eaters. Other than their mindset, it is the same carnal craving. Or, is their desire of a twisted spiritual influence? Are these humans genetically defective? Or, does their appetite go beyond social conditioning to say they are possessed of an unseen evil? Either way, the results are the same, and their hypocrisy remains paramount to whatever they are, defective or possessed.

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      1. Sir Lardchain Topper shrugs, mehs, chews and then swallows a body part. You show Topper a chart with all the familiar organs functioning to keep a cow, a pig, a chicken, a whale alive:
        brain, eyes, ears, lips, tongue, lungs, heart, arteries, veins, skin, stomach, liver, spleen, pancreas, kidney, bladder, intestines, pain sensors…
        Sir Lardchain Topper shrugs, mehs, chews and swallows another body part.
        Then he gives you a shit-eating grin.

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