The people we trusted to love, guide, and protect us — themselves duped, deceived us. Instead of raising us to think for ourselves and question the official narrative, they instead inhibited our intuition, led us into the very bowels of Authority. Falling in line with the consensus they instructed us to embrace groupthink and fear dissension.

“Moma’s gonna put all her fears into you,”
~Pink Floyd, Mother

A prattle of lies, though seemingly innocent were created to curb our spirit, our sedition. Possessed of supernatural abilities these figments knew our every move, heard our every thought. The Easter Bunny, Santa Clause, Jesus, and the omniscient God who will with his self-possessed sadistic arrogance expose our every deed, stray thought, and intimate secret before family, friends, and strangers on that glorious day of judgment.

Lies. All to keep us trained, restrained, and placated with shiny trinkets and baubles, fraught with doubt for the now and hereafter.

But worse than that.

The greatest of all bamboozles regarding suffering, injustice, death, and universal conviction is our nutritional need for meat, fish, cheese, dairy, and eggs. What a crock of shit that pyramid scheme was; eh, vegan? Turning America into a disease-ridden nation of killers by proxy to extend common accord and grow wealth for the fat-fucks running the sham.

The Economy of Animal Slavery

The economy of animal slavery, a product of murderous mobsters, advantaged by the medical cartels, pharmaceutical extortionists, and their sycophantic government cronies, among the many other hangers-on.

And we fell for it. Until now.

Rebel. Enlighten. Veganize.

The USDA’s original food pyramid, from 1992 to 2005 and the indoctrination of youth. Source


As quoted from, “Historically, adults were recommended to consume three cups of dairy products per day. More recently, evidence is mounting that dairy products have greater levels of negative effects on health than previously thought and confer fewer benefits.”

Despite the “evidence is mounting,” (a definite that it is still mounting) the USDA’s new ChooseMyPlate food guide and icon recommends dairy.


Because “…some beneficial effects on bone health….” Some? Really? And we should, considering the “Historically,” believe these bloodsucking animal agricultural collaborators now, why?


  1. Clearly by the growth and health path of all four of my vegan children (and their fit middle-aged parents) it is safe to conclude that it is entirely unnecessary to get even a little calcium and protein from dairy. The plant world offers a variety of both .. always has.

    But at the government level, there is no vegetable lobby, vegetable subsidy, or vegetable council. Dairy will always win its spot on the recommended nutrition plate, no matter the conclusive evidence to the contrary. Money is power and power is money .. the American way.

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    1. There is no reason for me to believe anything beyond the evidence of my health, as well. While I can’t run quite as fast as I once did, (mostly out of fear of getting my feet tangled up into one the other) I can still run. And at 64, while I’m in no fit form to fall on the pavement, I’m stronger, healthier, smarter, and clearer of mind now as a vegan as when I was a meat and dairy-eater forty years ago in my “prime.” Some might even say I’m better looking as a vegan. Although no one’s actually said that to me, I can hear them thinking it. Hahaha!

      Thanks for your comment, Shannon!


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