This is the last poem I’ll post.

But hell, ain’t really a poem,

just something that deserves said.

Last night, as I contemplated my decision,

I thought about y’all,

ones I’ve known a while, ones I ain’t known long.

Thought about your wit ‘n words,

your wisdom ‘n kindness,

your courage ‘n encouragement,

our conversations, our mutual support.

You’re some good people.

People I’d be proud to call friends,

even if we ain’t never met.

Hell, I ain’t never had many people friends before y’all,

three, maybe four counting Mike,

but he’s been dead now 43 years.

Maybe I’m just too particular who I hang with,

I don’t know.

But one thing I do know,

I met some good people here.

Smart folks, ‘n not just book smart.

Folks who know right from wrong

‘n brave the right path.

Folks open to listening to others,

‘n not afraid to speak truth.

This cruel world could use a whole many more like y’all.

Things would be a heap lot better.

And that’s for sure.

Anyway, I’m waxing windy,

I just wanna tell y’all I’m hanging it up,

Ain’t posting no more poems.

I’m done, no more pretending to be something I ain’t,

‘n no more wasting your time with these silly rhymes.

I wanna thank y’all for all we shared.

But this ain’t no final good-bye, so don’t tear-up on me.

I’ll stop by your places from time to time,

click a Like, or add my two cents worth,

I can still do that.

But Crows Head Soup is done; it’s run its course,

it’s time I move on.

But, I’ll leave you with this one last thought,

before I ride off into the sunset

(picture that if you will, it adds ambiance to the moment).

Next time you fry up a pork chop,

or cut into that steak.

Sprinkle on a bit of cheese,

cook-up an omelet,

buy a fur or leather article,

or just out for an ice cream on a summer day with the young ones.

Take a moment if you will ‘n think about it,

how much suffering went into that little bit of pleasure.

Your friend,

Peter Schreiner