Greetings all, I would like to share with you a treatise I’ve been preparing over the last several weeks as to why oppression is the dominant force in our world. But before we get to that, let me qualify my position—or disqualify it. I am not an educated man as my poetry well reveals, there’s no need to pretend and I’m not pressing for further reassuring compliments. Though my poems are from the heart, I know exactly where they rank—and you’ve been kind and generous in your remarks, and I thank you sincerely for that.

Although I’ve failed and flunked my way through middle school, (we called it junior high then) and high school only to dropout as a senior, there is one thing I’ve always been since a toddler and that is curious, overwhelmingly curious, just not about schoolwork.

Now as odd as it may sound, my lack of education has been the driving force of my learning, not that I’m a learned man mind you, but I’ve come quite a ways from where I started. And I think that started the day I was standing outside on a 3-inch window ledge of the Sheraton-Cadillac Hotel 30 floors above the city of Detroit clutching by mere fingertip the window frame as I nervously stare down between my legs to see the miniaturized cars and people moving about the streets below, and asking myself just what the hell am I doing. Though the windows didn’t require any outside work to clean—Ha, gotcha, you thought I was a jumper—no I was, by golly, proving myself a real window cleaner on the dare of a veteran window cleaner. Anyway, shortly after that I decided to start learning. I didn’t want a career that might have fallen short of life expectation.

Thus began a stint in the Air Force nearing the end of the Vietnam War. No, I didn’t join to defend democracy, nothing as noble as that. Hell, I barely knew a war was going on. Vietnam? What’s that? No offensive meant, Jeff. Of course, come to find out, defending democracy wasn’t why we were in Vietnam. But that revelation only came years later. Nope, I joined for the selfish purpose of getting educated. Using G.I. benefits, I received my associate degree in heating, air conditioning, and refrigeration. Which I must bragging say was done at a 3.8 GPI (it was GPI then), damn algebra. I’ve since taught myself computers, computer programming, and website design, though I’ve abandoned these, I’ve long been trying my hand at—don’t laugh, poetry, storytelling (that I’m reluctant to share), and writing, and of course learning. My self-education has afforded me a comfortable living as purchasing manager and IT administrator for a family owned refrigeration wholesaler. I know it’s not quantum physics or doctoring, but again coming from where I came.

You know . . . there’s something about self-promotion which doesn’t sit well with me when I do it, but hey, most of you have really impressive credentials that I admire and envy; and this is all I have and my point is that I have an inherent knack for learning, when I wanna, that I’ve applied much to research and discovery.

Now without further ado I share with you, Oppression Slavery Religion.


  1. The more I learn about you, the more I admire you, Peter. I think it was Mark Twain who said, “I have never let my schooling interfere with my education.” If the military helps people further their education or gain important technical skills, then at least it serves some useful purpose. Your writings and poetry reflect your strong, clear voice. Very few people are willing to walk in the courage of their convictions and take stances based on their beliefs.

    You have nothing to be ashamed of or explain to others who might question the educational or life paths you’ve chosen. It took me far too long to learn I do not need to seek validation from my captors. Your words are a reminder to me of this fact. Keep writing poems, living a life of resistance and telling stories. In short…keep on keepin’ on, my friend.

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  2. The University of life is the best of all. I know so many people who are educated but lack intelligence. Peter, you have innate intelligence and curiosity, which makes you a wonderful human being and surely that is all important?

    I want to take time to read your treatise – I think another example of how you question and challenge popular belief?


  3. Some of the stupidest people that I have met are ‘well educated’.

    Wisdom, is not taught in any educational system; it can be an outcome from one who already loved knowledge, however.


  4. I read and re-read your initial post and the post at the link to your theory. In case it gets lost in the shuffle, I left a lengthy response via the link your provided to the actual theory. Great writing. Great reading. Great food for experiment in thought. And speaking of experiments in thought, have you ever read “God’s Debris,” by Scott Adams? It’s a quick read, but chock-full of thought-bait. Here’s a link ~~~>

    ~ Gerean


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