It was honor, privilege, and an invitation I couldn’t pass on when Jeff Nguyen, at Deconstructing Myths, offered me voice to his guest blogger series, Mic Check. This was my opportunity to represent a personal view of the relationship between animal and human oppression to an audience who share similar social and political assessments as I. Jeff is, by the way, a swell guy. I’m eternally grateful to have made his acquaintance. He’s a superb writer, a man of exceptional intelligence, wit, and understanding. So without further ado I present to you my Mic Check and welcome you to join the discussion.


  1. Jeff is so great, he’s a truth teller.
    I liked your recent article too, on Jeff’s site, about the elections, original and well thought through.

    Voting is always something to wonder about because there really is no choice. It’s all ZOG.


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