In living and loving, on the Wrong Side of life,

Causing death, suffering, damnation and strife.

Wickedly blinded, I stood there deceived,

Innocent blood I let flow, mocking love’s bereaved.

Their rights I wronged, ignoring their somber song,

With this vile kiss of death, I sang along.

Living, laughing, selfishly ignoring,

Pains and screams, their cry’s in mourning.


Alas! I awake, though how shall I feel?

Their pain and torture, for just a meal!

Wretchedness fills my heart to its core,

For their lives now gone, are lives nevermore.

Allowing no forgiveness, be sought or be found,

Wretchedness and pain, secure my bounds.


I stand guilty of crimes and treasons, oh so many,

Against creation, creator, the gods of all and any.

Never shall I forgive the monster I had been.

Only to vow, never to be on the wrong side again!

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