Shown you are, yet refuse to see,

A plight of terror, and their plea.

In your comfort you enjoy,

Pain and agony you employ.


Cast upon the dirty cold hard floor,

While you sleep in clean comfort all the more.

Evening break you find your meal,

Thank your Lord for life you steal!


So! When suffering visits your door,

You ask for mercy, relief, and more?

Reminding of good, you have been,

Too generous, kind, with no sin.


So puzzled are you no pity shown,

In pain and agony you die alone!

Justice served you fail to see.

The life you stole was in me.




  1. Peter ~


    I’m really tempted to post a link to this on “The Animal Spirits” FB page, but wonder if the masses will be able to wrap their head around the depth of it. I remember being a kid in Sunday School and hearing the phrase, “Cast ye not your pearls before swine.” Ever since, I’ve analyzed this statement ad nauseam. Via much observation, I’ve come to the conclusion that only a tiny fraction of humans are actually capable of identifying an authentic pearl.

    ~ Gerean for TAS


    1. Gerean, I think you right. Ours is both gift and curse to know what we know, to see what we see, to feel what we feel; by damn. But then, we’ve no way to know whom we might inspire lest we cast our pearls.

      Peace Gerean, and thank you.


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